Pastors, have you heard about the Sermon channel yet? 

One of our desires at is to help pastors throughout the nation share their sermons with people throughout the world.

Whether you are the pastor of a small church or large church, you have an important message to share. We believe that with the collective power of your sermons and the reach of the Internet, the Gospel and God’s love can be spread to audiences everywhere.

Here’s How It Works

  • You submit an audio file or video file.
  • We tag and categorize your media (with your help) so that visitors can find your message.
  • shares your sermon on our site and social media.
  • You get your own Pastor Profile (bio, links to your church, books, etc) for each individual sermon shared.

What We Need From You

  • Video (mpeg, mov, mp4, avi) or audio file (mp3, wav, aif)
  • Write a few sentences on the sermon.
  • Sign the media release (included in the submission form) to let us share your content
  • Include a pastor bio, important links (social media, website, profile, etc) so that we can send people your way.
  • Share your sermons featured on with your congregation and encourage them to engage. This helps gain traction for your message.

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