Discovering and Determining my Calling with Help from the Catalyst Conference
When you hear people talk about their “calling” with such confidence, do you ever feel a little discouraged? Do you wonder how they have such clear direction?
Or maybe you have received a very clear call from God, but you are completely stumped about how to fulfill the calling God has placed on your life. You see people all around you who are effectively fulfilling their calling. Meanwhile, you’re sitting there discouraged and defeated as you disqualify yourself for the calling God has given you.
First let me admit this: I have felt ALL of these things before. I have felt confused and discouraged when others seem to have such clear direction. I’ve felt paralyzed when my calling seems to be so clear, but the path to achieving that calling appears elusive. I’ve felt deflated and defeated as I look around at others who seem to be so successful, while I’m sitting at home with my toddler, hustling to remain faithful in the “small” things and hoping one day I’ll be a part of the “big” things.
Is any of this resonating with you? If so, keep reading, and let me share just a few of the things the Lord is teaching me along this journey of living out my calling.

What is your calling?

First and foremost, as believers in Jesus Christ, we all have a very clear calling:
Ephesians 4:1 “I beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.”
We are all called to lead a life worthy of our calling. “Worthy” is the key word here. The word “worthy” means that action matches position. So, what does that mean for us? As believers, we are sons and daughters of God.  We have been adopted into the family of God! Our daily actions should match this high position as children of God. Are you living like a son or daughter of the King?
Growing up, my parents reminded me time and time again that I represented our family name in everything I did. My actions reflected the family name. The same is true as a child of God. Simply stated: Your calling is to represent the name of Jesus Christ well.
I filter everything that I do and say in life through the following question daily:
Will this represent Christ well?
As you filter every decision through this question, you will begin to say “yes” to the right decisions and “no” to the wrong decisions. And, before you know it, you will find yourself leading a life worthy of your calling.

Your Why

As Craig Groeschel shared at the Catalyst One Day conference in Oklahoma City, we must clearly define our “why.”
This is our why, as believers: We desire to live a life worthy of our calling, and we want to represent Christ well.
Let me outline my “why” a little bit more:
Acts 20:24 says, “But my life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus – the work of telling others the Good News about God’s wonderful kindness and love.”
Again, Scripture clearly defines our “why” as believers. We are called to the work of sharing the Gospel. Paul knew the work that was assigned to him. Have you recognized that God has assigned this same work to you, as well?
Here comes the tricky part though: What will be your specific way of fulfilling this assignment?

Your What

Craig Groeschel also shared that once you have determined and defined your “why,” next you must define the “what.”
For me, I knew early on in my life that God had called me to use my gift of communication by whatever means possible to share the Good News. He also clearly showed me that my “audience” would be young girls and women.
There are actually many people who are capable of explaining their “why,” but when it comes to the “what,” they have no idea. Maybe this is where you find yourself. You know that you want to live your life for God, but you have no clue what that looks like.
Here’s the problem: If you can’t define the “what,” you will have no way of creating the “how” to accomplish your “why.”
As I shared above, God made it very clear to me the gifts He had given me, and then the “who” He desired me to share these gifts with.

For me, the gifts are:


The “who” includes:

Primary Group: High School and College Girls
Secondary Group: Women’s Groups
I’m not restricted to these gifts or audiences, but I have clearly defined my “niche.” This helps with clarity, and it helps me advance to the “how.”

Your How

Once you have determined the “what,” you can move from feeling stuck and paralyzed, and you can start progressing forward. Here’s what I’ve found: As you start moving forward, you must be willing to adapt. You will likely make a few mistakes, but the Lord will redirect those missteps and guide you with even more clarity into the direction that He has for you.
Levi Lusko dropped some major truth bombs at Catalyst One Day that really stuck with me about taking these first steps toward God’s call on our lives.
It often feels like we’re being buried, unseen, and forgotten, when in reality, we’re really just being planted.
The seed that’s being planted looks nothing like the harvest that it will contain.
Do not despise the days of small things.
Remember, focus on the depth in your relationship with Christ; God will determine the breadth of your ministry. Keep your eyes on depth, not breadth.

And Craig Groeschel reiterated these truths by encouraging us to remember:

It’s in the small things that no one sees that we create the big results everyone wants.
What are the small things that you’re doing to accomplish the “what” and the “why” of your calling?
I’ve found in my own life that I can get so caught up in the BIG IMPACT, that I neglect the small, faithful steps to achieve this big impact.

Here’s my advice to you:

Discover your “why.”
Explicitly state your “what.”
Determine three small steps that will begin taking you in the direction of your calling.

My “why”:

To lead a life worthy of my calling as a daughter of God.
To represent Christ well all the days of my life.
To share the Good News of Christ with all who will listen.

My “what”:

I am called to equip and empower girls of all ages to live a Kingdom focused life, by communicating the Good News of Christ by whatever means possible. (i.e. resources, speaking, blogging, etc.)

My “how”:

Write every single day with the goal of creating resources that will help others grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord.
Create videos with content that explicitly shares the Gospel and leads others into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.
Connect with churches in hopes of speaking to their youth groups, college groups, and women’s groups.
When discouragement sets in, go back to your “why.” Then take your eyes off of other people’s “whats,” and remember what God specifically created YOU to do. He’s given you very unique gifts and a passion for a particular group of people. Don’t allow comparison to discourage or derail you. All the Enemy wants to do is make you feel disqualified for your calling. Don’t allow this lie to fester in your heart.
God qualified you when He made you His son or daughter. You are qualified because Christ paid the price to make you a part of the family of God. When you disqualify yourself, you diminish your position as a child of God.

Walk into your calling, for you have been called by God.