Kim Walker-Smith - On My SideWhen an album is produced by Jesus Culture Music, you know it’s going to be thoughtfully orchestrated.
Kim Walker-Smith’s newest album, “On My Side”, captivates song after song. The standout singer’s album was released on April 21, 2017, and has quickly gained attention as a complete hit.
It’s rare in the digital music age that albums are amazing from start to finish. However, Walker-Smith has managed to produce a true worship experience from beginning to end. In what can only be described as an outpouring of creative worship, each song pulls the listener in deeper and deeper.

My heart cannot contain the weight of Your name, and all I can say is ‘Holy, Holy, Holy'” Throne Room

The uniqueness of Kim’s powerful voice takes you from declarations of God’s faithfulness, to songs like Glimpse that are sure to induce spontaneous acts of worship while sitting in traffic. A blend of musical styles, including hat tips to popular synthesizer styles used in the 80’s, make their way into the album in the best way possible. The result is brilliant. It’s both smooth and powerful.
Throne Room, which is the third track on the album, is almost haunting with what sounds like angels singing in the background. The strong percussion and build to the chorus help it stand out as the first powerful worship song on the album. Songs of surrender, strength, joy, and faith in times of uncertainty follow, leaving no room for the temptation of pressing the “skip” button to enter your mind.
Overall, “On My Side” is an overwhelming hit, as it reminds us how worship albums can and should be thoughtfully planned from beginning to end. The Jesus Culture singer’s album is available for purchase or streaming on iTunes and Spotify today.

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