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Creation Ministries International

About Us

[**Creation Ministries International**](http://creation.com/ Creation Ministries International) is a creation apologetics ministry whose US office is based in Powder Springs Atlanta GA. Our role is to support the local church in proclaiming the total authority & absolute truth of the Bible & thus its gospel message. We teach & relate the relevance of a literal Genesis to the church & to our culture. We provide real-world answers to the most-asked questions from the book of Genesis in the vital area of creation/evolution. CMI serves to help people understand that the first few chapters of Genesis contain the foundation for many aspects of the Christian faith. For example Genesis provides the basis for a Biblical understanding of life death sin punishment atonement redemption and marriage. We also help people understand that there is no scientific conflict with a literal interpretation of Genesis and that modern evolutionary thinking is not truly derived from scientific evidence. An informed understanding of biblical creation dramatically strengthens a Christian’s faith & lays a solid foundation for effective community evangelism. CMI continues to hear accounts of people coming to salvation and/or growing markedly in their faith in God?s Word & in their Christian witness through our ministry. Our aim in ministering within churches is threefold: ? To help Christians understand the importance of the book of Genesis as a foundation for all the major teachings of Christianity; ? To disciple believers to be effective in their witness for Christ & equip them to counter evolutionary influence with quality answers & resources; ? To challenge non-Christians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is accurately contained in the Word of God. CMI serves the Church through a diversified range of ministry programs designed to meet the specific needs of churches & Christian organizations. CMI has several internationally acclaimed & qualified Christian speakers who present challenging illustrated messages on the relevance of Genesis to the Gospel society evangelism & church growth. To book a CMI speaker at your church call: 1-800-616-1264