Church of Christ

The Church of Christ denomination of Christianity is considered one of the more unusual branches of Christianity. Mostly because of its worship practices and beliefs about worship, it deviates more sharply than other denominations from many cultural understandings about worship. For example, in Church of Christ worship services, no instrumental forms of music are used. These would include piano, organ, guitar: no instruments at all are used in their services. Is this type of worship practice better or worse? Neither, this form of worship is just different.

There are many good people who attend Church of Christ churches. As with other Christian churches, the overriding intent of their church is to worship the one true God and his son Jesus Christ, and they seek to be a faithful as possible to the teachings of the Bible as they understand it. One gentleman I knew who grew up in a Church of Christ was a devout student of the Bible. He once took the secular book Chicken Soup for the Soul, went through the book statement by statement, and correlated each wise saying with one or more Bible references. That is, he found Bible passages that taught very similar ideas to each and every statement in the secular book. This ability clearly demonstrated a thorough working knowledge of a great deal of Biblical truth. There is little doubt this gentleman's experience of being a part of the Church of Christ contributed to and encouraged the accumulation of his knowledge of the Bible.

The Church of Christ refers to its leaders as ministers, elders, and deacons, each performing a particular role in the Church community. These leaders are important to the functions of the church. However, they are not viewed as ‘superior’ to the regular church membership. If you are new to church, then this might make attending church for the first time less intimidating.