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Calvary Baptist Church began in September 1919 as a small community of 43 members of the faithful founded West 8 St. Baptist Church in downtown Winston-Salem. In 1923 the name of Calvary Baptist Church building and a basement church was built. In July 1963 aged 25 yrs. Charles Mark Corts took the position as interim pastor and in January 1964 was called as pastor Calvary thirteenth. Mark Corts led the community to start planning a church on the basis of the new property which is our current situation. Thanks to the great vision and direction of Dr. Corts we have built a new sanctuary for children Christian Activity Center (CAC) a supplement preschool/Children’s building the community college buildings and developed Scouts sports field. The other products were purchased adjacent property during this period in the location of facilities playgrounds and parking area to 19 hectares. In 2001 Dr. Corts has demanded the formation of a committee of pastoral transition to his successor during his scheduled retirement in 2003. On Sunday November 17th 2002 Gilbert has been installed as pastor of the church. Before his appointment as pastor Al was the International Mission Board (IMB) as vice president. As such he has traveled extensively speaking on behalf of the Fund for Southern Baptists across the country and around the world. God continues to move in Calvary it has a growing number of believers. Members of the Church was about 125 in 1963 to the present to achieve 6100th Calvary Baptist Church is a testament to the enthusiasm that God can reach people of faith people that love and the good news of Christ to his community around the world.

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