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In our love for God through Jesus Christ nourished by the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Centered in the Eucharist develops a belief in prayer community education worship and Christian community. As managers of God’s love we strive to share our gifts and talents to serve God and all his people. Here in San Francisco de Asis. Our school also enjoys the enthusiastic support from parents teachers and staff work together to serve and strengthen the Body of Christ through the education of children in our community. Our patron saint St. Francis of Assisi was developed by the Church by promoting stewardship as a way of life to which we are building throughout the country again. We were the first national gathering of the Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy Memorial Parish Stewardship Award in the 1998th. Our website is the result of stewardship. We believe that creation is good and God uses the building for their purposes that it has been affected by original sin as the result of the sin of the first humans. Catholic theologians (and Orthodox) have never agreed on a particular interpretation of the creation story in Genesis. A small number of early Christians read literally allegorically and others in the light of science of the time. Some people read all three networks simultaneously. Catholics can interpret Genesis in a non-literal form provided that the interpretation is faithful to the teachings of the Church. So Catholics are free to understand the true meaning of Genesis ‘the word’ but also to read the book of Genesis in the light of modern scientific observations until certain conditions are met. For example: Catholics believe that God created the world out of nothing (ex nihilo) creating the world by his Word who became man in Jesus Christ. The interpretation of Genesis in the light of the clash of scientific observations Christians whose churches have been in discussions of the modernists of the 19th and 20th century founded. Surprisingly there is a very literal understanding of Genesis and is really a very modern approach. We believe in the Nicene Creed which is why we believe in one God composed of three persons (person in this usageindividual reality) and not man. In essence Catholics belief is the Father Son and Holy Spirit are all God one in the art but it is clear that in some respects it is not shared. In addition to an intellectual understanding of Trinidad we’ve developed a relationship with the triune God through prayer and worship. The Trinity is not tritheism it is (belief in three gods) but a dynamic monotheism.

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