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Immanuel Lutheran Church celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2008. Founded by immigrants in Norway in 1883 and has served the immigrant community in the early decades of its existence. The community has lost its identity in Norway while welcoming their ethnicity with sponsorship from a bazaar of Norway in the autumn. Today Emmanuel reflects the transient nature of modern society where the vast majority of its members are in Wausau and other neighboring states of Wisconsin communities moved. Emmanuel is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The city built its current worship facilities in 1949 and has added or renovated several times educational and office buildings since then. Currently the church is debt free and focus additional resources for benevolence. Emmanuel is historically open to a new behavior in Lutheranism. It was one of the first communities to maintain the right of women in municipal politics and voting in elections a practice that in effect extended at least until 1922. She is a leader in the ecumenical movement. He maintained good relations with our Catholic neighbors and is currently involved in running the Palm Sunday church services and Bible Thanksgiving school holiday with the community of Saint-Michel a close neighbor. The city encourages youth participation in its activities. A University Grants program supported by the community. For decades children were invited to participate in Communion. In recent years the Community has encouraged its members to meet through group dinners outdoor activities and member visits for those who are no longer able to worship or to visit. Senior Luther League is a necessity for those who have physical needs. Today the community reaches more needy people in the community. These measures reflect recently adopted mission statement for Emmanuel to serve learn inform give and grow.

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