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Asbury United Methodist Church was founded in 1962.

Beginning at Key Elementary school the church became known quickly for pastoral care through the hospital visitation and door-to-door visits from Rev. Bill Mason. Asbury moved to 5838 S. Sheridan a few years after first opening at Key. Since that time Asbury conducted several building projects on the previous site ranging from sanctuary construction to the Mason Center which served as a youth and recreation building.

We had groundbreaking on January 13 2002 and had our first church service at our new location 6767 S. Mingo on February 29 2004. Our master site plan consists of 250000+ square feet more than doubling the space in our previous location. Nearly 7000 people call Asbury their church home today with an average of 3600 people in worship on a weekly basis. Through local and global outreach Asbury continues to expand.

The ?Perceptions? ministry by Senior Pastor Dr. Tom Harrison reaches thousands of northeastern Oklahomans each day and has been a significant source of our growth. (You can listen to the Daily Perceptions right here on our website.) In addition Asbury is well known for ministry to Children Youth and Families. With the continued growth over the past years Asbury made the decision to relocate in order to continue our mission. In the church growth is not an option. We are all called to reach out to others with the Gospel. As such Asbury commissioned a Long-Term Planning Task Force in 1997 to begin studying our options. At the end of 1999 God opened the door for us to purchase 35 acres at 67th and Mingo at pennies on the dollar. This was the confirmation we needed to move forward with the relocation.

We are excited to be part of what God is doing in the life of our church. We know He has great plans as we continue our journey to Glorify God and Make Disciples.

What Makes Us Special


Tom Harrison

Asbury members listening to Dr. Tom Harrison on Perceptions or during his Sunday morning sermon hearing him relate amusing stories or seeing his mischievous grin cross his face think, ?Okay, here?s a guy I can relate to.? However, along with these endearing qualities is a huge tender heart turned toward God and God?s people. He speaks from the heart and once stated that when he talks to the congregation, he talks as if he is talking to his friends and to ?friends he hasn?t met yet?! He talks to the congregation in such a personal way, yet he unfailingly gets his message across.

One of his greatest joys comes from visiting with new members, talking one on one. ?I like hearing what God?s doing in their lives and when they come to Christ. When I see lives transformed I feel privileged to be a part of that process,? he said.

According to Administrative Assistant Victoria Williamson, he is ?booked to the max? almost every day, yet he always takes time to talk with people, make home visits, meet for lunch, and even come in on Saturdays for appointments when needed.

?With his Perceptions ministry, he reaches many people outside of Asbury. I get numerous calls requesting the Perception message that was heard on the radio.

?But perhaps more than anything I appreciate about him is the fact that he practices what he teaches from the pulpit. What you see is really what you get!?

With his ?booked to the max? schedule, you?d think he would find very little leisure time. When he does he enjoys sports?especially the Sooners and the St. Louis Cardinals. He also likes to read history, especially the works of the late Stephen Ambrose. But best of all, he likes to win at ?Tetris? when competing with his wife, Dana.

He sees Dana as an integral part of his ministry and a wise counselor. ?Dana?s a good listener and very intelligent. She gives good advice.?

Though raised in the church, it wasn?t until he was 14-1/2 that he established a personal relationship with God. ?There was a lay witness mission at my church. The people talked about asking Jesus into your life. At that time, I thought of church as something you did, not as a relationship. I was in ninth grade. I was totally transformed in every way. I began reading the Bible, praying and witnessing. It affected my entire view of the church. Now it was truly dynamic.?

Following graduation he received his bachelor?s degree from ORU. He continued his education earning a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Oral Roberts University. Prior to coming to Asbury in 1993, he pastored three other churches.

Dr. Harrison teaches the Word of God in such a way that it?s easily understood. His love for Christ is evident in the way he lives and the way he leads the Asbury family. He often marvels that he can do a job that he loves so much and still get paid for it.


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