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We believe that children and youngmust be taken seriously nowwhen the church of tomorrow.In this regard we have developedThe following programs alltry to make the life of faithsensitive and cheerful. Christianity at least three things: A set of beliefs Lifestyle A community of people Various Christian groups that have more clout in those areas but always with three. These three aspects are based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth also known as Christ. ( Christian was originally a book. There is a Greek form of the Messiah of the Hebrew meaning anointed. ) We BelieveThe Bible is the Word of God. It is inspired and infallible in the original manuscripts. This is a full and complete revelation of God. There is one God and one God. We have seen personally. It is manifested in three persons: Father Son and Holy Spirit.Jesus Christ is God manifested in flesh born of a virgin sinless and the chosen Messiah who would one day is established on earth.Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross buried risen from the dead ascended into heaven and will return one day on this earth.All men are sinners guilty before God worthy of power and the need for a Savior Jesus Christ our Lord.The theme of sin death and hell is by the grace of God solely on the work of Jesus Christ. It is by faith apart from any human performance or merit attained.Eternal life is a gift from God and nothing can separate the believer from the love of God.Unbelievers to eternal punishment. Believers face eternal life.All believers should be in a local church for mutual edification encouragement evangelism service and worship.

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Douglas P De Vos


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