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The Catholic Church always ready to care for their children after years of work between the dispersed children of their times in the Northwest Territories diocese soon erected in the desert then. In 1821 he was the State of Ohio Cincinnati the Episcopal. Before that time the scattered settlements of Catholics which was the pioneer priest Father Joseph Didier Stephen T. Badin M. Barrera and Father Edward Fenwick later first bishop of Cincinnati.

We read in the history of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati by the Rev. John H. Lamott STD Bishop Flaget intersection of Dayton Springfield and Urbana in his episcopal tour in 1824.In 1831 Father Baraga Bishop Fenwick visited Dayton but not before 1835 funds raised in a church that was to build the mother church of all churches in the area – Emmanuel Dayton Ohio on behalf of Father Emmanuel Thienpont .All the churches in the counties of Montgomery Greene Clark Champaign Madison Logan Hardin and Marion should be back to church. By Emmanuel Church Dayton Ohio from the years 1844 to 1849 went to Father D. Junker Henry Bishop of Alton IL Catholics in Springfield. The Catholics of Springfield the number of the late forties and the earth was in 1848 when the parish church of Saint-Raphael in Kearney’s father was ordered to buy 1850th Mission Statement

We the Catholic parish of St. Bernard Springfield Ohio by tradition in our community will be sought since 1860 to live and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through worship education service and evangelization. In worship we gather to grow in holiness through the sacramental life. In education we offer a faith enrichment permanently. For a service that we extend our hand to the needy. In evangelism we demonstrate our faith.

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