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Mars Hill Church is a group of people whom Jesus has saved and called to be missionaries. We come together as one giant family to worship Jesus in many locations and different times. You can expect a time of prayer and singing to God as well as biblical preaching each Sunday.

Mars Hill meets at multiple locations and service times. The good news is that the church and its beliefs remain the same. More than just a simple building the church is God?s people. Every Sunday we gather to listen to spiritual teachings worship through song and to remember Christ?s sacrifice through communion. Regardless of which roof we are under our purpose remains to love and honor Jesus Christ.

What Makes Us Special

Mars Hill Church offers a wide array of locations for the people it services in the Seattle area. Its large number of campuses are designed to offer ease and accessibility to their community and give everyone the church to hear the word of God.

MHC has over 13,000 members in four different states, but works hard to ensure that the church feels smaller by offering a large variety of small groups dedicated to specific age and martial status demographics.

SVC is led by Mark Driscoll, who offers a skillful mix of bold presentation, clear biblical teaching, and compassion for those who are hurting the most?in particular, women who are victims of sexual and physical abuse and assault. Mars Hill Church attempts to take biblical Christianity to corners previously unexplored by evangelicals. They are intimately involved in the communities they are associated with, and have a large array of outreach programs for their members.

Mars Hill Church is the 3rd fastest-growing, and the 28th largest church in the United States according to Outreach magazine’s 2012 survey.


Mark Driscoll


Mark Driscoll is the founding pastor of Mars Hill Church. He graduated from Washington State University with a BA in Speech Communication. He has a master’s degree in exegetical theology from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

He and his wife, Grace, are the authors of the best-selling Real Marriage. He is also the author of 16 other books.

Driscoll also founded Resurgence, which services Christian leaders through books, blog posts, conferences, and classes, and has over 7 million visits to its website annually. He is passionate about planting churches, and founded Acts 29, which has planted over 400 churches in the U.S. and 13 other countries.

Named one of the 25 most influential pastors of the past 25 years by Preaching magazine.


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