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The Beginning In April 1997 Pastor Richards came to Sandusky Church of God after the Lord speak and say: Building a people of praise and worship a nation bringing forth the glory of God a people without prejudice and I it will reach the throne the people so when we are in this research. Together we are building for eternity a group of people whose only objective is to seek God’s face. A place where dreams come true. Mission Statement Sandusky Church of God is spirit-filled family church with emphasis on praise worship and covenant relationship. A versatile races and training of its ministry to God default for ourselves our environment our nation and the world we understand the relationship God has given the ministry churches and families. Anointed teaching preaching and the lifestyle we want to be a nation of biblical truths about the New Apostolic Church the prophetic light on the fate of the church and the proven way of evangelization Pastoral Constitution feeding and care and the need for the Community in the Communications of the local church acknowledge and agree to honor each others talents and abilities as we see each other in fear of the Lord. With a service call it is our intention to his father son and daughters in the gospel of building a people of praise and worship of God to produce for the glory of God and a people without prejudice!

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Porter B Richards Jr


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