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The text provided is for a Catholic church not a Lutheran denomination and should be deleted. —————————————— For over 140 years the parish of St. John the Baptist responded to the needs of people in Plymouth Wisconsin. The hotel is located west of the city of Plymouth is a Catholic parish active and vibrant our community is growing stronger in our faith in God.

Iglesia de San Juan Bautista We appreciate the fact that we have over 3 800 community members (1500 families) in our faith community. We invite you to come and join our celebration of Mass and learn more about our church school.

School of San Juan Bautista As a Catholic school we believe in St. John the Baptist moving his son to us we share with you as a parent of a special partnership. We combine the challenge of feeding the love of God in their children. We believe that our presence as a Christian community should support the development potential of his son. We are a family environment where each child is encouraged to respect themselves and others as a gift given by God in the world. It is our firm hope and conviction that is sent through our efforts of San Juan Bautista’s family continues to love school concerned educated people integrating Christian values with life experiences

Our Mission We believe that the religious community of the parish of St. John the Baptist we are called every day for the good news of Jesus Christ to proclaim to learn share and live the message of Jesus. Guided by the Holy Spirit we recognize that we are unique with different gifts of God and we must cultivate these talents to develop and strengthen our faith community.

May we always see an icon for our growing faith in God and St. John the Baptist continues to intercede for us.

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