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Mennonite Church in Martin: We believe it is the only true God created all things by his spoken word. We believe that God created man in His own image to live with Him forever. However it fell through the disobedience of Adam and Eve the human race into sin and was separated from God forever. We believe this separation of healing God sent his only Son Jesus Christ in the world. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and grew up as the son of Joseph a carpenter. Jesus taught how to live a holy life dedicated to God. Jesus was betrayed arrested convicted equal; crucified. Three days later Jesus Christ rose from the dead physically and let Grave. He ascended into heaven when God allowed the Lord and Savior. The death of Jesus on the cross that God has forgiven all and to save them from eternity in hell. This freeGift of salvation comes from Jesus Christ and is intended to care database of the WHO. We believe that Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit and guide us in our Christian walk. Is the Holy Spirit whom God gave the disciples the power to heal the sick to cast out demons and proclaiming the freedom of Christ in the world. We believe the Bible is the true message of God and source of inspiration for us. 66 which contains the Bible Several books written by different authors in different occupations during different time periods but Each book shows that God loves us and his son the Messiah sent to save us our sins. The Bible is the standard on which our beliefs and our lives. We believe that the Holy Catholic Church began with the Holy Spirit and is led by the risen Lord Jesus Christ himself. The Church is not a building but the community of disciples of God. The church is where two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name. The church is the divine instrument of God on Earth used by him to convey the message of love HTE hello and hope that everyone without reservation. We believe that to return soon the Lord Jesus Christ to earth. It’s the end of the story we have conquered Satan Wil all know people will judge the world and reward his followers eternal life in heaven on earth.

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About Joni Fitzgerald

Born and raised in California of the Christian faith. I am a mother of four and a grandmother of 6, single, live in caregiver for my parents. I work part time outside of the home and always learn something new everyday. Life experiences are many and lessons learned are not a few. Former teacher of Bible classes for children of all ages, currently a wayward college student returning after 33 years. My major is Psychology and my goal is to assist others who have been given their second chances in life. My second chance has me a survivor of domestic violence, rape, multiple suicide attempts, drug addiction, alcoholism and depression. Most of all, I have a personal relationship with God and He is with me all the time.