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Trinity Episcopal Church is one church alive covering the period of learning and pastoral services to members of our community and active participation in the needs of our city especially in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

We invite you to join us for worship! We have two morning services and Sunday night and Wednesday night an active community and a healing service on Thursday morning.

Trinity Christian Training offers courses for all age groups and award-winning program including our music Trinity Artist Series. We have a strong history of community through the ministries of Trinity Episcopal School Trinity formation and advice and share our belief in the Trinity team. We invite you to visit our church and when connected to your prayers and gifts to our departments.In 1847 Mars an Episcopal missionary and six Lafayette community residents gathered at a Washington building near Laurel and worship early in the life of the Church of the Trinity.

Within four years Lafayette has been annexed to New Orleans as an appendix. Trinidad was the Diocese of Louisiana are permitted but postponed twice Worship first in the basement of the building envelope and Plaquemines Jackson Street (Coliseum) April 3 1853.

The city was devastated by the economic prosperity of the yellow fever epidemics and Trinity was destroyed by the death of the first rector Alexander Dobb yellow fever and his wife just four months after the first service in the field.

Leonidas Polk Bishop of Louisiana was the rector in 1855 and served five years has seen large growth in Episcopal churches across the country. The civil war fought in Polk and was killed in battle has brought prosperity to an end. The vestry records of the absence of eight months the debt burden of $ 7 000 and only 120 members were on the lists of tests difficult days. However over time the Church was 5 was ordained in March 1866 the congregation rose to 532 the debt has been eliminated and the building has been expanded.

In 1870 Trinidad is home to a school for girls have supported a small parish in the Hercules (wall) and Euterpe Street known as the Chapel of the Trinity and made substantial changes to the building including l the window installation the first glass. The instrument was installed in 1887 the year a colored Sunday school was established in the vicinity of Philip and freedom.

The late twentieth century began a happy period of community service directed by Beverly Warner. Founded best known for the creation of Kingsley House the second settlement house in the United States led the parish to a pharmacy for the most disadvantaged to build and operate a timber yard and house guests in the church garden . Dr. Warner has personally led successful campaigns against the parlors and the horse races in the city and established an education effort of the community of the cause of yellow fever. A parish newsletter was launched in 1894 and has been in continuous publication yet. Until the early twentieth century was the largest of the Trinity Episcopal Church in the diocese with 1 200 members. Now with 2300 members Trinity maintains that distinction in a diocese that covers half the state.

In the year following the death of Dr. Robert Warner in 1910 Coupland was rector and continued its tradition of service to the Church and community. In 1920 shortly after returning from volunteer service in the First World War was conducted by Dr. Coupland delete community bank loan the largest source of revenue for the church because for seats in the House of God is free for all.

Depression another catastrophe the establishment of soup kitchens with more than 60 000 meals out during its existence. Other churches joined the Trinity of food and services to people without jobs.

The end of World War II saw dramatic changes in many U.S. cities. New Orleans was no exception. The creation of suburbs and increased mean arterial cars Trinidad was more than a quarter of the church. Holy Trinity which was directed by William Turner rose herbal Trinity School and was the leader in the establishment of the Trinity Educational Enrichment Program (TEEP) and the Health Clinic of St. Thomas both continue to serve the community today.

Since the recovery began to spread through the Episcopal Church Trinity has been under the dynamic leadership of Jean-Pierre Jenkins a working model under a layman interested in social justice issues hospital visits and experiences in groups small for members of the church. Much of the Wednesday night church was founded. In the 1970s John Jenkins doc (the Disciples of Christ) began to feel a small group. The program now called Docc (Disciples of Christ) known in the community became a national program and is administered by the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Knowledge has been a major concern was the participation accompanied by the distribution of subsidies VML (Vincent Memorial Legacy). In 1975 Trinidad as an official forum first in the city education and church leaders Canal needs Ireland. Besides these meetings other matters should be followed.

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