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History New Covenant Church was founded in November1987. Pastors and Jan Claude Robold with a group of enthusiastic believers dared to build a community working on a list of New Testament of the Alliance and experience the joy that Christ bringsmust begin to share our lives.The first days were used for our expression of our passion for Christ and our love for the human form. This has challenged to a happy place and a people to develop the Christian worldChristians grow in the world. We have obtained the use of a small chapel for our first three years of the old church living word. Systems although it was much appreciated too small from the beginning. We were both in the search for a property that one day the country would be the New Covenant Church. After several months of prayer and research of 146.3 hectares was purchased 4340 Union Road 1989th community has raised $ 100 000.00 in ninety days as payment for the purchase of land.It was during the time that the New Covenant Church and the establishment of a sister church in MississaugaCanada. It was during the second month of our existence the community is committed $ 25 000.00 for year for four years for the new church pastors and Cindy Hardy Steinke led support. Today the communityJoshua Creek Community Church a strong and vibrant community of Canada.The New Covenant Church began plans for the installation of the new church and innovated for the installation November 19 1989 two years after its launch. The community worked together to make this dream a reality and its first service in the multipurpose building 6 January 1991 with the dedication service March 3 occurred in 1991 with the online community of New Church Mentoring Partnership of PhiladelphiaPennsylvania is celebrating with us. Dr. Milton Grannum preach the message of dedication to the promotion of believers to God for those who want to thank you for creating such a day like today.During the same period the New Covenant Church Ministry has intensified its partners around the world in IndiaMexicoArgentina and supporting God’s work in these remote locations. It is the joy of the New Partnership thirty churches in India the two is the construction of orphanages and homes for sixteen victims of leprosy and make a large donation to build a conference center of 2500 seats in India.In the New Covenant continues to grow the plants needed. It has developed plans for a center of family life can accommodate full-size gymnasium classrooms and offices. The community welcomes the use of this new facility in 1998. The plant was expanded from 17 000 square meters which will open in 2006 and is a commercial-size kitchen cafeteriaconference center a youth center and the General Secretariat of the children in each room started classes.In 2003the New Covenant Church has acquired 3.7 hectares adjacent to its current property. This caused the 150-hectare farm ONCE Deardroff BackA piece of real estate as it was for over 120 years. New Covenant Church now has 150 acres of property that is connected to ground of 160 hectares for the new Regional Hospital in Middletown property.New Covenant is a place of happiness that people can also develop in the world Christians around the world the worldChristians are still evolving. We believe God has a great future for this service and will make a strong contribution to the Kingdom of God who are making history.

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