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Empower all people to know God through life changing experiences from the inside out.

What Makes Us Special

New Direction Christian Church was founded on Sept. 9, 2001, two days before the attack of Sept. 11. NDCC attributes their rapid growth to that tragedy. In that time, they believe, more people than ever were seeking God like never before. They seek those people who are looking for God, but not necessarily conventional religion.

The church?s culture of acceptance and fostering God?s love has reached a core audience of younger individuals successfully, with the largest demographic being people in their mid-30s or younger.

The church brings together people across all socio-economic levels ? from homeless and released offenders to the up-and-coming professionals and community leaders to worship together in more than thirty different ministries within the church, including GED/literacy programs, In the Zone Student Ministry, Boys to Men mentoring, Feed the Need and Prison ministries.

NDCC was recently named the United States’ fastest-growing church according to a 2012 survey conducted by Outreach magazine.


Stacy Spencer


Spencer likes to refer to NDCC as a glocal ministry because of their urban, suburban, and international campuses. They have a campus in South Africa, and another in rural Mississippi.

They also have developed an annual job fair that has attracted 2,000 unemployed people.

Spencer’s main goal is community outreach and evangelism. Above all, he tries to get people back into church and offer them the avenue to a growing relationship with Christ.


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About Joni Fitzgerald

Born and raised in California of the Christian faith. I am a mother of four and a grandmother of 6, single, live in caregiver for my parents. I work part time outside of the home and always learn something new everyday. Life experiences are many and lessons learned are not a few. Former teacher of Bible classes for children of all ages, currently a wayward college student returning after 33 years. My major is Psychology and my goal is to assist others who have been given their second chances in life. My second chance has me a survivor of domestic violence, rape, multiple suicide attempts, drug addiction, alcoholism and depression. Most of all, I have a personal relationship with God and He is with me all the time.