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MISSIONS OF GRACE Support missions Grace: [PDF]Philosophy Grace Baptist Church Missions Understand that God wants all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth and that the death of Christ saves us from total condemnation of sin. Not only for us but for the sins of the world who share the responsibility and privilege for us as Christians places this message with the world. Understand that we only have two clear choices in evangelism in the world for every Christian what God wants us to do. Convinced that we could go 1) the scope of the mission and serve our Lord that helped the effort full time or 2) other missions that feel the call of God directed. That responsibility lies with each one of us who name the name of Christ. To understand that God gives to our motivation in ours we want a heart and soul of God’s love and concern for the lost. In our love to fix things and build a treasure in heaven than our motivations victory of material goods and wealth for their own selfish ends. Fe blessings of God are much more than money but found no peace of mind and heart sincere friends and family. This is something our entire salary as a result of devotion to God and serve Christ through His Church is made in eternity. In truth the Lord find us faithful. By the grace of Godpray more frequently in the future and especially for our missionaries and generous act as God will succeed with a sincere approach to our material possessions that the resources of the kingdom of God to encourage. Our prayer is that God created in our lives the passion of devotion to hima hunger and thirst for his word and a sincere concern about the burden and share Christ with the lost in our community and world. AMEN.References Matthew 28:18-20 Mark 16:15-16 Luke 24:47-48 John 20:21 Acts 1:8 Matthew 6:19-21 and 33. Luke 12:15-21 and 34 — 48. I Timothy 6:6-12 Romans 14:10-12 II Corinthians 5:10 and Hebrews 11:23-27.

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