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Tri-County is a congregation of Christian believers that meets in Madison Ohio. We are seeking to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Lake Geauga and Ashtabula counties. Tri-County is a Bible church. We believe that the Bible was breathed out by God and that it contains everything we need to know about how to live. We preach and teach the Bible in a clear practical manner enabling people to apply it to their everyday lives. We believe that the Bible was written for people like you not just professional clergy and we are committed to helping you understand it for yourself. Tri-County is a nondenominational church. We do not belong to any association of churches or denomination. We are a local independent church. Tri-County is a warm church. One of our goals is to promote positive Christ-honoring friendships. We have a variety of activities to promote such friendships. We are a family and we welcome newcomers. Tri-County is a growing church. Our church family is growing both spiritually and numerically. God is building families changing lives and giving individuals victory over sin habits. The powerful Gospel of Jesus Christ is at work here.

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