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As you can imagine throughout the years we get comments and questions from people from all walks of life! We are a very diverse community that encompasses many denominations ethnic groups and backgrounds. We are an outreach ministry that meets people where they are in life. We respect everyone and have a genuine love for all God’s people. It does not matter where you come from what your past or present looks like how much money you have or what you look like there is always a place for you here. From the moment you set foot in Redemption you feel at home. It isn’t not this stuffy kind of place that makes you feel uncomfortable or out of place. The men and women of Redemption World Outreach Center want to make you feel right at home.

RWOC is a large ministry consisting of approximately 13000+ members both locally and nationally. Our building seats about 4200 each service. Most of our services are pretty full but don’t worry we will always have a seat for you. So come on in. Get comfortable Kick back and relax…but get ready to be energized and encouraged!

When the service starts you’ll know it. Don’t be afraid if it isn’t something you are used to. Before long you will get the hang of it. Our praise and worship is exciting. Our team of musicians praise leaders choir singers and sound/lighting coordinators have been preparing for just this moment. Their passion of taking you into God’s presence is awesome. You can feel the energy from the stage… it’s like electricity that illuminates the atmosphere. You can’t help but to clap your hands and move with the rhythm. Now you’re getting the hang of it… but it is not all just lights and exhilarating music. Soon you will experience the presence of the Lord in a wonderful chorus of worship.

Prepare yourself as Apostle and Pastor Ron Carpenter delivers a message that will challenge you empower you and ignite you for a change. Be open to the Lord. Do not hold back. Cry laugh and run if you need to. It’s all a part of life at RWOC. Now FIND YOUR PLACE!

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Drew Loewen is a junior at Grand Canyon University, enrolled in the Christian Theology and English Literature programs. Tomorrow, he hopes to be a writer of some sort. Until then, he's working on living a better story, one with meaning and purpose, one that is profound and impacts the world around it. He's passionate about the Church, The Scriptures, music, hiking, reading, and coffee. If he's not found doing something involving those things, he's spending time with his friends and family, who mean the world to him.