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First Baptist Church Fort Walton Beach


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We have a community of believers to worship and commitment to serve Jesus Christ. As a Southern Baptist Church we join minded Christians in spreading the Gospel throughout the world. Our motto is more than a catchy first sentence. We hope that illuminates where we are today. Christ came to people of all ages and backgrounds in our church we want to do the same. We will be devoted in different phases of the ministries and needs. We have to study in a place for everyone in the community and to minister through numerous service opportunities. We want you to be part of the blessing of God in the life of our church. We bring you updates often and precisely what happens in our community and the stories of how Christ makes a difference in people’s lives. The community experience and love of Jesus Christ as we grow together as one family of God. First Baptist Church is a church where his family can meet with the family. First Baptist Church offers two worship services; you are sure to find the right service for your family. Our first church service is held at 8:30am and an orchestra and chorus during our 11:00am service a worship band and team lead it. At the First Baptist you can always find a church service where your family can worship our Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth. God is good; join us at First Baptist Sundays.

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