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The Lutheran church is a Protestant movement founded on the principles of Martin Luther. Lutheranism began at the start of the Reformation after Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses in Wittenberg. Lutheran doctrine emphasizes salvation by faith and the primacy of the Bible as the authority. The Lutheran ministry is one of service and is described as the priesthood of all believers.

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Me and my wife are members of the Grace Lutheran Church in Paris Illinois and we moved to Florida in 2009 and we looked at all the Lutheran churches in the area. We were about to give up our search and go to one of the churches in Ocala that used the Hymnal only every other week But I was afraid that they would get completely away from it being they already was on that slippery slop of every other week. We went to the church in Eustis and they use it every week and I find it to be very important because you will loose it if you dont use it and I was born and raised Lutheran and never had a service with out the Lutheran hymnal. They also have two awesome pastors. – Bobby English
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About Joni Fitzgerald

Born and raised in California of the Christian faith. I am a mother of four and a grandmother of 6, single, live in caregiver for my parents. I work part time outside of the home and always learn something new everyday. Life experiences are many and lessons learned are not a few. Former teacher of Bible classes for children of all ages, currently a wayward college student returning after 33 years. My major is Psychology and my goal is to assist others who have been given their second chances in life. My second chance has me a survivor of domestic violence, rape, multiple suicide attempts, drug addiction, alcoholism and depression. Most of all, I have a personal relationship with God and He is with me all the time.