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In 1929 Middle Branch Ohio was a small village next to the Portland Cement Diamond. The village consists mainly of Italian Catholics whose families have migrated to work here in the cement factory.Unfortunately the needs of Catholics in the region of the East Division were not met. Mrs. Augustus Hickey of North Canton who was then chairman of the local group recognized the National Council of Catholic Women the need for a mission to serve people in the Middle Branch and the surrounding region. At her side Ms. Caroline Middle Branch Bircher Catholic found that most had not yet received in the field of industry average first communion and his wife Rose building St. Paul’s Church Canton wrote letters Schrembs to Bishop Joseph Bishop of Cleveland.With the permission of the bishop of the old school has been publicly East Branch in Williams Street which had been converted into a residence for the diocese in collaboration with Nick Grant so it could be used as a chapel for the mission preserve. Men and women of the former Mission school renovated into an attractive place of worship. Teresa how was the patroness of the mission of the municipality selected because of his great love for the mission Churches and due to it by the awareness drawn to the Lord in the Eucharist given.On December 15 1929 is the first Mass with the Most Rev. Joseph Schrembs Bishop of Cleveland celebrated the dedication of the chapel recently acquired. Shortly thereafter was attached to the Little Flower Parish Mission St. Paul Parish North Canton. In a parish bulletin of December 20 1929 Father Ralph Kotheimer pastor of the parish of St. Paul North Canton wrote: Undoubtedly you have the Rt Hon. Rev. Bishop has the burden of caring for the mission of the newly created parish is one placed in the middle branch O. their pastor. Fr In a report to the diocese of December 31 1929. Kotheimer explains: The mission has been about 32 families mostly Italian. There are about 150 school children and youth. Of course the beginning of the city during the Great Depression was not easy. In a report to the diocese of December 31 1931 fr. Kotheimer said: The closure of the local cement factory has almost all the work. But despite the difficulties she continued the work of the Lord:First baptism Teresa celesta Campanelli (Janelle) the daughter of Atlee Campanelli Campanelli and Jennie White Jan. 28 1930 baptized February 9 1930 by Reverend C. Ralph & Josephine sponsors Kotheimer achill Capuano.First marriage: Nicholas and Mary Bessalli Guarnieri Italy and Middle Branch resident his marriage was validated on March 22 1930 before the Rev. Ralph C. Kotheimer assisted by Marco Cavalieri and Filomena Venditti.Getting married in the church building: Leonard Mastri Rochina and Janelle October 4 1930 before the Rev. Ralph C. Kotheimer assisted by Antonio & Louise Janello Cavaliers.

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