Cornerstone Baptist Church

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Baptist: Belmont, MA
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CHURCH’s Corner

Church Vision:

We are truly an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church and have no affiliation with any association or convention. The Bible is our sole authority for faith and practice. Our aim is to live and labor in accordance with that Book. We believe the King James Version of the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God. We believe it is the only true Word of God in the English language. We reject all modern versions, since they come from a different source than the KJV.

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What Makes Us Special:

At Cornerstone Baptist Church, we have one message – the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. While we endeavor to preach "the whole counsel of God," the heart of our message is Christ crucified, risen, and coming again! The goal of our ministry is to please Him in all things. Therefore, we seek to fulfill the Great Commission, which He has given us: "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15. Then, we are also called to build up and strengthen His Church: "But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost…" Jude 20.

Be it also noted that we do not engage in the use of contemporary music, etc. Our goal is to please God and His Son Jesus Christ, not sinful man. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have concerning the Church and its ministry. The name of the Church – Cornerstone Baptist Church – says it all: "Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone." Ephesians 2:20.


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Leadership Corner

Rolland C Starr Sr

Rolland C Starr Sr

The Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church is Rolland C. Starr. He served in the Air Force for two and a half years; most of that time being spent in the Pacific theater of operation during World War II. A native of suburban Philadelphia, he was converted to Christ at age 25. At the time he was engaged in structural steel engineering. About a year later, he was called of the Lord to the ministry. After graduating from Bible college and a Christian liberal arts college, he started a Church in the city of Philadelphia. In 1959, he was called to be the Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church which was then in Cambridge, Mass. In 1980, the Church built a new facility in nearby Belmont. December 19, 2009 marked his 50th anniversary as Pastor of Cornerstone. Pastor Starr has seven children, all married, 27 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. He and Mrs. Starr reside in Arlington Mass.

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