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Geared toward university-aged people Passion City Church aims to return purpose driven lives to this demographic across the world.

What Makes Us Special

Passion City Church in Atlanta held its first service in February of 2009.

Though a large church, Passion City Church is intentional about making the community feel smaller and not so overwhelming. They have a variety of programs such as small groups for a variety of demographic that provide a more intimate and fostering community. The casual environment can make a visitor feel at ease and free to merely enjoy their experience. The dress is varied, from suits to jeans and flip flops, and there are no obligations placed on visitors. If you want to become more involved, Passion City Church offers many avenues in which to do so, but the responsibility is on the individual to make that first step.

Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman are two of PCC’s worship leaders, and are renown for their inspiring and passionate worship.

PCC has incredible opportunities for students and children. PCC hosts Passion Conference in Atlanta each year. In 2012, over 44,000 university students attended in Atlanta, and more than 170,000 people from over 130 other countries watched online.


Louie Giglio

Louie Giglio graduated from Georgia State University and earned a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. Later, he went to Grace Theological Seminary and pursued a Doctor of Ministry degree.

A former member of North Point Community Church for 13 years, Giglio left to plant Passion City Church in Atlanta.

He has many talks available online, and one excerpt from his How Great Is Our God has over 3 million views.

He lives in Atlanta with his wife Shelley.


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Passion CIty Church is hip and targeted for the young. Love Louie Giglio. He is an incredible communicator and perhaps best pastor for the young in America. Then Chris Tomlin provides the music. WOW. – larry@usmilitary.com
Overall Rating:5/5

I never thought I could move from Louisville KY and find another church that I love like Southeast Christian Church. I did at Passion City Church. It was a wonderful worship experience. – Tim
Overall Rating:5/5

Passion City Church is the friendliest church I’ve ever attended. The message taught is powerful and Biblically based. Worship is humble and genuine. I will definitely return! – Debbie
Overall Rating:5/5

My 17 year old son and I attended Passion Ciy Church together and he said he could sense the Holy Spirit. Who says that at 17? I sure didn’t and this is one of the many reasons I am so grateful that PCC exists and is doing what they do. So grateful for Louie and the team to continue to persevere with this demographic especially as we need a generation of strong Christian leaders more than ever. My son also mentioned how everyone seems so happy here….this is the joy of the Lord for sure. Grateful for the Passoin Conference outreach as well (an extension of what PCC does) and my son looks forward to being able to attend as a Senior in high school this year. Thank you PCC for all you ARE and all you Do! – Shannon
Overall Rating:5/5

When I visited Passion City Church for the first time I felt very welcome. They are quick to make you feel a part of their church family. If you re looking for heart-felt genuine worship(that will also rock your face off) then Passion is the place for you! – Brookelyn
Overall Rating:5/5

My little brother took me to Passion City Church the other weekend it was great. He goes with about 10 of his friends in a carpool system and it’s always been a tradition of theirs. I think it’s awesome that PCC has inspired a high school demographic to go to church and can manage to keep them there. They’re doing a great job at perpetuating spiritual growth in the next generation. – Jordan
Overall Rating:5/5

As a ‘doorholder’ I love serving at this amazing church. If you’re truly interested in ‘living a life’ for Christ this may be your church. Hear the ‘truth’ and enjoy His people here. You will not find a more friendly church in the world. Interesting note as many churches attendance diminishes over the summer PCC increases. Largely due to so many church groups visiting from out of town. Each service lasts about an hour and forty minutes… and time zips by you like thunderous lightning. Note the service times changes during the year and the last service (now 5:00pm) leans heavy to youth. Especially with worship leaders like Christian Stanfield Chris Tomlin Matt Redmond and my favorite David Crowder. All to say buckle up and give PCC a heartfelt try. – Larry Fowler
Overall Rating:5/5

Passion City Church is very spirit led. Pastor Louie Giglio is one of the most outstanding communicators of the Word leading those who hear to broader understanding than typical sermons. (i.e. How utterly fathomless is our God). He enlarges the parameters of our understanding. Due to living in another state I am blessed to hear his messages via the internet and on DVD. – Jay
Overall Rating:5/5

About Joni Fitzgerald

Born and raised in California of the Christian faith. I am a mother of four and a grandmother of 6, single, live in caregiver for my parents. I work part time outside of the home and always learn something new everyday. Life experiences are many and lessons learned are not a few. Former teacher of Bible classes for children of all ages, currently a wayward college student returning after 33 years. My major is Psychology and my goal is to assist others who have been given their second chances in life. My second chance has me a survivor of domestic violence, rape, multiple suicide attempts, drug addiction, alcoholism and depression. Most of all, I have a personal relationship with God and He is with me all the time.