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Welcome to the web home of A-Life baptist church. [A Spirit filled center] We are excited that you have decided to stop by. Please feel free to explore as much as you like to be familiar of who we are . Our uniqueness is simply who we are . A multi-national and cultural congregation. Any time you are in town please do visit us and when you do you will find people like you just from every walk of life and background.

You will also experience intensity of praise power prayers and a relevant transforming word of God. We are in ministry to Encourage Equip and Evangelize.

We look forward seeing you soon.

Always with love.

Rev. Adu-Wusu

What Makes Us Special


Kwaku Adu-Wusu


Rev. Kwaku Adu-Wusu is a graduate and an ordained minister of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas and is the founding pastor for A-Life Baptist Church, Arlington.

He has ministered extensively to congregations in Japan, England, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Canada and in various States of the USA. Rev. Adu-Wusu has a great compassion for the lost, and yearns to make a difference in the lives of the youth, he strongly believes in the never failing power of fervent prayer.

Rev. Adu-Wusu born into a Muslim family which disowned him when he submitted his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, began ministering in 1981, and his testimony has been an encouragement to many who have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. As one of the members of Grace Baptist Church in Kumasi, Ghana, the Rev and others were commissioned to pioneer a church called ?Asokwa Charismatic Baptist Church? which still stands today with about 1500 members. In this Church, the Rev. Adu-Wusu was on a team that established one of the most popular Christian Music group called Agape Inc., of which colleges and other institutions of learning in Ghana had groups that impacted the next generation of leaders in the nation, with the gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian Music.

Ten years later he was invited to New York for his first assignment in the United States of America to assist Rev. Charles Whales, plant a church. In 1994, Rev. Adu-Wusu moved on to help Rev. Dr Steve Lavoe establish the Action Christian Center and in the year that followed, he was yet on another team that founded the Abundant Life Baptist Church in New York, presently with 250 members. In 1998. Rev. Adu-Wusu and a few others initiated one of the fastest growing non denominational prayer Ministries in the Dallas /Fort Worth Metroplex known as the Intercessors International Inc.

Subsequent to the pioneering mission, Rev. Adu-Wusu responded to a Macedonian call to help as pastor on the leadership team of International Charismatic Church of Arlington, as this church determined to recover from a devastating crisis. He labored among them for a period of 2 years before answering the call to start A-Life Baptist Church. Rev. Adu-Wusu currently resides in Cedar Hill Texas with his wife comfort and their children; kwame, Yaa and Akua.

Responding To The Call

Rev. Adu-wusu stepped out in faith to the full time ministry after a vivid vision of the African Diaspora crying out for something he could not understand. With what felt like a gentle touch on his shoulder and a whisper, God told him they need life. Rev. Adu-Wusu responded saying? but Lord You are the source of life? Yes HE answered and ?I want to give them life through you. The word ?life? kept repeating itself several times.

When he woke up, the particular meaning of the word life that the voice referred to was beginning to get clearer, he immediately wrote them down as:

Leading people and groups like the youth, tribes, and cab drivers to the Lord.

Instill the Christlike love and the compassion in them, for bitterness was choking their hearts.

Fellowship with others who share the same vision. (There is too much dissention and division among people.)

Encourage and equip them to evangelize others whilst realizing their potential. (Our past abuse hurts and all negative elements are a continuous cycle which need to be broken.)

Inspired by the Apostle Paul, Rev. Adu-Wusu is strengthened by God Almighty and surrounded by praying men and women whose prayers have been a source of power and edifying. Rev. Adu-Wusu has a dislike for religiosity and his passion for the lost stems from the fact that among his twenty-one siblings only two have been submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the rest are of the Islamic Faith. He is determined to snatch them from the jaws of hell and populate Heaven.


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