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In 1856 Father Francis Hurth on August 15 celebrated the first Mass of 54 people at the home of Peter Donnelly and the parish church of Saint-Etienne was created. 1866 October 20 the congregation purchased its first building a different name the Congregation of the Society to establish the first Catholic Church in Anoka. In 1868 The first confirmation class of 17 young people the sacrament of Bishop Mgr. Father Prosper he was the director and the Mission of Cedar Creek in Dayton. In 1873 Father John McDermott became the first resident pastor and soon after his arrival he received a two-storey house for use as a parsonage. In 1876 William Nolan’s father has served as interim pastor until the arrival of the father of William McGolrick. In 1878 Father Daniel Hayes assumed the pastorate. In 1879 The community built a small charge of maintaining the existing church in an effort to pace. We have developed plans for a new permanent church but were put on ice with the untimely death of his father Hayes. In 1881 under the leadership of the new priest Father Michael Bruton welcomed the congregation the Sisters of Mercy as a teacher and supervisor of the patients in the community. The McDonnell John gave the community a monastery and a school. Santa Ana School opened in September 1881. Mr. Vader was so enthusiastic about the work of the sisters that the monastery has provided us with he provided milk for 21 years. In 1882 Father Daniel Reilly Father Martin Connolly and Father William Brennan arrived in 1883. In 1884 there were School days in Santa Ana following a respectable curriculum and students pay $ 3.25 every six weeks (about $ 20 for the whole year to grow) in. Meanwhile domestic students pay an impressive $ 15 per month (about $ 135) for the year. In 1888 a new church was needed although there is a depression Father Brennan has solicited donations of building materials and began building a new church. The arch bishop of Ireland July 21 1889 has been inaugurated. It was officially named the Saint Etienne after the first martyr. In 1891 the father of Thomas Duane St. Etienne came to the community through difficult times the local factories had fallen phasing out of existence. The prices of the harvest was poor and low. The community members expressed support for a number of festivals; The charity events gradually erased a debt of $ 10000 has three altars stone staircases churches and the bell. In 1904 Father Olivier has been named Dolphin.

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