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How To Pass the Tests and Trials Life Throws Our Way

Do you remember being in school?  School days can be easy to remember.  It seems like just yesterday my teacher was asking the class to put our books away.  Time for another test.  Or even better, a pop quiz! As adults we no longer have to take tests.  At least, not the kind where we have […]

Finding Direction in Life When You Feel Lost

Back in the old days when people were lost they had to stop and ask for directions.  Now, with smart phones and GPS we can be lost by ourselves.  With just the touch of a phone screen we can find our way back to the road we need to be on.  If only life were […]

5 Millennial Lead Ministries that Are Changing the World

It won’t be long before the Millennial generation makes up the majority of the work force throughout the world. A generation stereotyped for being lazy and selfish, the Millennials have left leaders in older generations scratching their heads and holding onto the reigns a little too tightly out of fear that the Internet generation will […]