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Lessons Marriage has Taught Me About My Relationship With God

by Jennifer Venrick I’ve been married for almost a year now. While it has not always been perfect, I have learned more about myself in the past year of marriage than I ever imagined. My marriage is an incredible blessing. Every marriage is and deep relationship we have is an incredible blessing. Without these relationships with […]

Finding Direction in Life When You Feel Lost

Back in the old days when people were lost they had to stop and ask for directions.  Now, with smart phones and GPS we can be lost by ourselves.  With just the touch of a phone screen we can find our way back to the road we need to be on.  If only life were […]

God’s Call for Charity: Christian Missions That You Can Invest In

Isn’t it wonderful to live a life of purpose? How  fulfilling is it to invest in what matters and see life through God’s perspective? God blesses us with a life that is made for  more than just existing, and the world teaches us to grow up and contribute to society. We go to school, earn our degrees, establish our […]